Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stolen Quilts

The above is a link to a page where a woman has a list of 20 quilts that were stolen from her car in 2005 in Sacramento, California.  

I came across this website tonight.  I realize I've seen it before, but I don't know that it meant the same thing at that time, because I hadn't made as many quilts as I have now (not that the list is very long...). 

It makes me just sick to think that this woman had TWENTY of her precious quilts stolen from her car!  I can't imagine having ONE quilt stolen, much less 20 of them.

The Quilter's Cache website has a link for "stolen quilts."  If you ever have one stolen, you can post a photo of it there (which reminds me to always TAKE photos!).  If you are ever suspicious of a quilt - you could check the site to see if it might be on there.  I would think that there are additional sites out there for postings of stolen/lost quilts.

I know it's already been 3 years, but I really hope this artist finds her quilts...  :-(

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