Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Batik Bliss

In early 2007, I participated in a "block swap" with the WASIQ (Washington State Internet Quilters) group. The block was a simple 9-patch made in batik's with either a WOW (white-on-white) or WOB (white-on-beige) background fabric. I made 8 sets of 10 blocks so I got 80 blocks back. At the time, I had sewn all the blocks into 10 strips of 9 blocks, which included an extra 10 blocks I had made for myself. But those strips stayed right where I left them - for a long time!

Well, in cleaning my office/sewing room a couple of weeks ago, I re-found those strips. I decided that I wanted to finish up what I'd started - and finish before going back to school this fall. Of course, I still have 2 borders to complete. But, I'm almost there and I think it is really beautiful so far!

By the way, batik's in bright colors are my FAVORITE!

So, my plan is to add one more "skinny" pieced batik border and then a thicker WOW/WOB border. The binding will be pieced batik also. One friend said that this would take the focus off the center of the quilt. But.... I love the fabric so much that I can't get myself to nix that plan! I'm a crazy girl, but.... whatever! I'm not giving the quilt away, so I think I'll just go with my original plan. If I WAS giving it away, however, I think I would follow the given advice and do the binding as a pieced WOW or WOB.....

I plan to finish the borders before going back to school on the 22nd. Quilting will probably have to wait until I'm done with school, but that is OK. It will be a reward for finally finishing school and getting a job! :-)

This photo represents the first 3 borders only. I'll try to post a new photo when the last 2 are complete!

update (9/13/08) - still haven't added more borders because things have been busy around here. But I did decide to crop the photo so that maybe it would show a little more detail of the fabrics.... hope it works!

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