Monday, November 21, 2011

Updated Fabric Shelf Photos

I posted a blog early this morning about how I had been working on organizing my fabric, putting it onto shelves. The photo I posted was one I took before changing things around again. So, I'm attaching the new photos. :)

Have a nice week!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Open to Air

Sorting, Sorting, Sorting

Boy have I been having fun this week! I bought 3 shelving units from a great friend and have been playing with fabric ever since! Ok, ok... playing in between homework sessions, but at least I've got to TOUCH fabric this week, which is unlike many other weeks while in school!

One thing I was SO excited to do was to get my batiks out, sort & stack them, and then put them on the shelves so I can SEE them - every day!! Woot!!! Batiks have quickly become my favorite fabrics, so being able to view 'em each day brings much warmness and joy to my heart. It's like seeing all of the colorful flowers in the spring, after a long & dreary winter. Ahhhhh - JOYFUL!

The reason I've wanted to "shelve my fabric" is because I couldn't see it when it was in the plastic drawers, so I basically never used it. Ever! I never make scrappy quilts, even though I do have fabric and I DO love the scrappy look! Every time I wanted to start a project, I would go and buy fabric - because I couldn't see that I already have what I need! So, not only is it refreshing to see the fabric, some of which I've had for 10+ years, having it "open to air" opens up tons of quilty opportunities for my short-term future! :)

In a bit over 2 weeks, I'll be DONE with school and able to get back into the sewing room for the reason it's intended - to SEW!
I can't wait!

The photo shows 2 of the shelf units stacked. I've made changes since taking this, but it at least gives the general idea. The tub
on the bottom shelf is still there, and full of "old crappy" fabric (and I mean CRAPPY!!!) that I'll give to Goodwill or... or just throw out - it's THAT bad!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Nice Blog to Follow!

Hey Quilters -
Marlene Baerg Oddie is from Washington & does fabulous quilting work. She's quickly becoming popular & she's being asked to write newsletters, to accompany quilt cruises, etc... Wow! Congratulations, Marlene! She also keeps up her own blog - check it out & "follow" her for continual inspiration. :)
Click on the title of this blog, and you'll be redirected to Marlene's blog.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Love Wish Lists!

I was playing around today on Connecting Threads because I'm seriously not wanting to do homework... Actually, I have a meeting in an hour and don't want to get started, then have to stop, come home & get started again... Anyway, I made a wish list on the Connecting Threads website. Ohhh, how I LOVE wish lists! It makes me feel like I'm shopping, but I'm NOT! haha. Bummer the stuff won't magically appear on my doorstep, right? Oh well, that totally doesn't matter. When I FEEL like shopping, I can get online and make a wish list, telling myself "maybe someday." In the end, I still have the $$ in my pocket, and my shopping needs are satisfied.

So there!


Monday, November 7, 2011

I just Saw the Craziest Thing!

I got an email for a blog I’m subscribed to, and it was titled “Stash Report” and had this week’s date. Whaaaaaaat? You COUNT your stash? Ok, so I realize that no, you don’t have to count what you already have, but you count what you ADD to it, and how much of it you USE, and the results are your “Stash Report.” Here is what it looks like:

Used this Week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: _ _ _._ _ yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: _ _ _._ yards

Net Used for 2011: _ _ _._ _ yards

The bummer of it is that you have to subtract the “added year to date” from the total you’ve used to get the “net used.”
So, this may possibly be incentive to stay away from the quilt stores... Notice the two key words: “MAY POSSIBLY...” haha!

Interesting idea. Maybe I’ll do this next year.