Thursday, September 18, 2008

My very first quilt

Well, I'm going to post a bunch of photos of our quilts.... I guess I'll post a separate story for each quilt...?

Ok, so this is the very first quilt I ever made. I was inspired by my Aunt J.
She used to quilt, but hasn't in a long time ~ she went and took up knitting instead!!!

So anyway, I learned about making quilts when my Dad and I went to visit my Aunt. I went home and quickly went to Joann's Fabric to buy some... what else - fabric! By the colors in the center of each block, I think I might have also went to K-mart..... LOL!

Anyway, I knew NOTHING about quilting. I just knew you cut out a bunch of squares and sewed them together to make blocks. Then you sewed the blocks together to get a quilt top, etc.... I knew nothing about choosing fabrics, settings, etc.. SO, what I ended up with were a bunch of 9-patch blocks that were 18" finished!!! hahahahhahaha! Each square in my 9-patch block started out at 6.5"! How hilarious is THAT?!?!?!?!?!???? Additionally, I knew nothing about putting fabrics together, adding contrast, or anything of that sort. You can see that here:

Hey, at least I cut my plaids fairly straight! I have no idea how THAT happened, but.... I must say... for a first quilt, it's not too bad. (but that K-Mart green is horrible, I must say!)

Eventually (at LEAST 3.5 years later) I got the entire top put together (realizing how silly it looked). I had it quilted by a so-called professional long-arm quilter who did a particularly terrible job. But, it was quilted AND had a binding, so it was officially "a quilt."

We do use the quilt. My husband will wrap himself up in it (quite literally, actually) before he sits down to watch a movie. And we also take it for picnic's and to the beach, etc... Quite frankly, it is a quilt I don't care much about. I want it to be USED. It will always hold a place in my heart as my very first quilt, but it's definitely not an heirloom or anything of that sort.

I'm glad I have the quilt. I'm more glad I've moved on! :-)

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