Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Vintage Top

This is a top that I bought in Tulsa, Oklahoma in December of 2007.

I think I bought it at one of those antique
stores, if I remember correctly. And I think I paid like... $42 for it? Personally, I think that was a heck of a deal since my sister-in-law Carol did as best as she could to verify that it was indeed "a very old quilt top." I think it is, too. But if not? Oh well - I love it, so don't really care in the "big picture."

Here are a couple of close ups of one of the baskets. I think it shows the color better than the not-so-close-up shots do.

Now I have to figure out how I'm going to quilt this one. I have NO desire to do it by hand. Or at least to do it by MY hand... But I'm not sure how a longarmer would make that work..... And would it be worth the $$ that I'd have to pay? I have someone local who has done a fabulous job on two of my other quilts, so I'll probably bring it into her to ask her opinion... We shall see! But for now, at least I can "show & tell!"

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