Thursday, September 18, 2008

Charity Quilt

We went to a benefit for the Boys & Girls Club a few years ago ~ I believe it was February of 2005. It was called "The Portland Showcase of Wine & Cheese." It was a huge wine/cheese tasting (and I mean HUGE). There was live music, and both live and silent auctions.

My husband bid on, and won, a REALLY BIG Snowman. I bid on, and won, a quilt!!! It is probably twin size, and is made of 30's reproduction prints on a white background. I don't think it was a WOW background - I'll have to look closer...

I was bidding with/against one other person. At times, I thought she was the quilt maker or something because it seemed like she was really just there trying to get me to up my bid. I can't remember, but I think I paid $250 after hovering over the bid sheet for the last 5 minutes of the auction. I tell you what - I LOVE that quilt! 30's repro's are one of my very favorite (alongside batik's) and the lady did such a beautiful job on it! I used to know her name and I communicated with her a little bit, too. Actually, she sent me the quilt pattern in the mail!

So anyway, the quilt is all done by machine - machine pieced and quilted by machine or longarm. It was done very well because the quilt gets a lot of use by all of us and it isn't showing any signs of abuse (yet?).

As soon as I can remember her name, I will add the name of the quilt maker..... I have to find that pattern first, so it might be quite awhile (as nursing school starts back up in a few days!)....

You know, I have this dream of owning a LOT of quilts. I want to MAKE a LOT of quilts... But the reality is this - I don't really care how I get them, as long as they're not high production quilts (like we would buy in a department store). If it is made the way I make quilts, then I want it!! I can't even explain the feeling that quilts give me. It is something so warm, so..... comforting... I'm just in awe of them. And I want more!

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Anonymous said...

I love your antique quilts. I have a few of my own handed down from family - you can see a few on my blog. I even still have some of the fabric from my grandmother and it is actual feedsack - I love it! Great blog!