Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hawaiian-made quilt

Ok, so it's not REALLY a "quilt" - yet!

My Aunt Judy has a daughter (Debbie) that lives in Hawaii. Now, this is not the Aunt mentioned in an earlier post that I went to see last weekend... this is another Aunt - I have LOTS of them! :-)

Anyway, Debbie gave my Aunt this.... I guess I'd call it a bedspread? It's HUGE - and is made up of some beautiful fabrics & colors! They are simple, oh.... 4" or 5" squares. And it is 100% RAYON. This is a heavy monster! There is a front side (the pretty squares) and a back side that is plain black. The 2 layers are not quilted, not tied... not really "connected" in any way except for the binding, which is really just the back side folded over the front if I remember correctly.

My Aunt gave the blanket to my Mom and she, knowing how much I loved it, gave it to me quite awhile later.

My thought...... is to make it into a quilt! I would have my longarmer do the quilting. And I am not sure, but I might even cut some of the blocks away to make it smaller. I mean seriously, this is a big heavy BEAST and it would weigh a ton if cotton batting was also involved! But I really love the colors, and it is sooo soft!!! It would be such a comfy & cozy quilt to cuddle with!! So, maybe I'll wash and dry it in hot water/heat a couple of times, and then take it to the quilter for her opinion...
Please post a comment if YOU have any thoughts on this.... (comments are always appreciated on my blogs!!)

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Anonymous said...

My son would love this, he likes a ton of blankets on him, "for the weight" when he sleeps. I would quilt it, maybe stitch in the ditch at least to hold it together! Seems like it would fall apart if you didn't. It is purty though! ;)