Thursday, September 11, 2008

Online Quilt Group

I belong to a somewhat-local online quilt group. I think there are roughly 25 of us ladies who have as many home-life situations/stories, and who do as many different crafty hobbies.

It's funny - I'm 36 years old, and I sometimes feel like a goob for being "a quilter." But I LOVE the humor and wit these ladies all share on our list! I love hearing the joys of retirement and grandchildren. And the wisdom.... Oh, the wisdom that comes from these ladies!!!!

Not only is it just a fun group, but it is also extremely supportive. There aren't any who are cranky or crabby. There aren't any who are especially good at complaining. We just share when things are going on that we have no control over - someone is sick, someone got hurt, someone has a loved one that passed away - or went to Iraq...... And the rest of us are there to provide cyber hugs, and cyber coffee/treats - and I think we all feel the virtual love!

I'm off for another quarter of nursing school starting on 9/22 - just 11 days from now, and I will miss these ladies "while I'm gone!"

I will also miss sewing for that matter... :-)

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Sue the KB said...

We'll miss you too Brandy :) It will be no time at all and you will be looking back at your time in school saying.... "was it really that long ago?"