Monday, September 15, 2008

I have this nifty idea

My Aunt gave me a whole BUNCH of quilty books and magazines when I went down to visit her this past weekend. I was going through some of the magazines last night (actually, a LOT of them) and found this beautiful photo of a quilt made with small "snowflakes." You know, the kind where you fold the fabric and just start cutting - and it's a surprise what you end up with!

So, I posted a question to my Yahoo group quilt list "If I send you a couple of fabric squares, will you cut out some snowflakes and return them to me?" I provide return postage. All they need to do is take scissors to my fabric and put it back in the mail!

Then, I will machine applique the blocks onto background fabric as I have time. Some might be more detailed than others, so I do expect that the applique process, even by machine, might be fairly time consuming. But, I would think this would be a really beautiful quilt!

So far, I have 4 ladies who are willing to participate in my project. I'm also considering bringing some fabric to my "girls get together" this Wednesday and asking them to do some, too. They're not quilters at all, so it should be especially fun to see what they come up with!

I am SO excited!!! I plan to add the names of all participants to the quilt label to remind me who made blocks. I might even put the names in the order of the blocks in the quilt. You know, so you could turn the quilt around and say "Ah-HA! Kristina made that block, Janice made this block...." I think that would make it all the more special.

Just had to share. I think the idea is a neat one and I am excited that there are at least a few people who will help me out!!


ps - the quilt will be just 2 colors... I'll have cream snowflakes appliqued onto dark blue fabric, and dark blue snowflakes appliqued onto cream color fabric. The fabrics will vary. I think. ;-)

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