Saturday, November 1, 2008

Looking forward to the holiday break

I haven't been able to sew since this school quarter started back up (9/22/08) and I MISS IT!!!

Sometimes I think "maybe I won't be a nurse - maybe I'll just make quilts full time...."
Yeah, RIGHT! But I miss sewing so much that the thought DOES run through my mind... haha!

An opportunity has come up that will force me to do some sewing over Thanksgiving break and I'm excited! I'm thinking it will be about 1/2 day of sewing, give or take. Bummer I can't give out the details here, but I can blog about it anyway.

Over Christmas break, I plan to finish the quilt top I was working on over the summer. It's the batik 9-patch with all of the borders. I COULD say it's done now, just have it quilted, and be finished. But I'd really like to add another "thin" batik border that is just one single color - most likely a bright green, then another white border and THEN be done with it! I like smaller quilts because they're.... well... small! And they don't take a ton of time to make, depending on the pattern. But I keep thinking "if only it were a bit bigger, it would fit the bed better" or whatever my excuse for wanting it to be bigger...

I also want to start on something new over Christmas. Hmmm - maybe a CHRISTMAS quilt? haha! Or maybe a LARGE Christmas tree skirt? You know, one that is more than 36" across so the tree doesn't make it look like a silly little napkin laying under the tree?? I need one that is around 60" across - because we get these 8-9' trees that are huge at their base. But anyway, my point was that I really want to do a LOT of sewing over Christmas break. I want to feel like I've been sooo productive!!! But mostly, I love making quilts, and I just want to feel like I'm doing what I love, rather than what I must be doing for the sake of getting through school (aka: READING nursing books). I guess you could say that I want more excuses to update my quilty blog!

I've been enjoying browsing through the blogs found via the couple of quilty blog lists that I've joined. Problem is that I want to add ALL of them to my own list! haha! But seriously, these ladies (haven't come across any men quilter blogs yet) are so talented!! I get so much inspiration and so many ideas from the blogs! I sit here, thinking I'll look for "a few minutes" - and next thing I know, two hours have passed me by!

Well, I guess I best get back to work... Nursing school books are a callin'.