Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the Needles

I had finished about ten rows, then realized I somehow had  three extra stitches on my scarf. Grrrrr!  In order to get back to the correct count, I had to "frog" four rows. At least I was able to do that without ruining the whole thing. I have now completed three rows  where every other stitch is a knit/purl, and I still have the correct number of stitches cast on. Phew!!

I think I would have to say that the yarn color is actually closer to what it looks like in the lower/cat photo ~ it's kind of a wine/plum color with some bits of butter yellow mixed in.  

(I'm writing this with a new app on my phone called "BlogGo."  The layout (font) seems to be a little quirky so far...)

When I decided I was done for the evening, Willow the cat thought he would test the edibility of the needle. :)

I'm happy with the way my first knitting project is coming along so far!

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Teresa in Music City said...

Your scarf is looking great! You'll be a knitting pro before you know it :*)