Monday, February 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Linking up with Judy over at the Patchwork Times.

I took a class at Fiddlesticks last Thursday with my cousin, Jackie.  The pattern is called "Boston Logs," and it is by "Little Miss Sloppy."  Apparently, her REAL last name IS "Sloppy!"  That's awesome.  There are more blocks in process, but they're not ready to be on the design wall - YET.

This first photo is just after I had all of the fabric (for the entire quilt) cut - this was just to get an idea of how the block would look when complete.  No fabrics are in any of the blocks more than one time.:

The second photo was of the first block that was complete and squared up to the correct size:

The third photo is of the first 6 blocks on my design wall.  Notice that 5 of the blocks have not been trimmed/squared down yet, and they are "wonky."  This is the way it works with the process used to sew the blocks together and is not an error.  All of the wonky gets cut off - no worries!  At least the top/middle block IS squared up.    :)     :

Just 30 more blocks to go!!  I will be bringing this project to a quilt retreat the 2nd weekend in March if I don't get a chance to work on it a lot between now & then.  I want this one DONE - and fast!  I'll be quilting it myself on my longarm and will use some sort of red thread (I stick with King Tut thread for the longarm work).


Sherrill said...

I love your sloppy blocks! So cute..are they paper-pieced? Looks like a great project.

Sally Hamilton said...

This is going to be awesome - love the red/white/black!

Chris said...

Interesting blocks.. I can't wait to see the entire layout. I also love the font on your blog. It's very fun.

carol fun said...

These are very interesting -- looking forward to seeing how this quilt develops.

Diane Swett said...

I love the wonky blocks. The red and white is a great color combo

Gari in AL said...

What an interesting block and it should make a really fun quilt. Looking forward to seeing it completed.