Sunday, February 10, 2013

Choosing Fabric = FUN!

My cousin, Jackie, and I are taking a quilting class together in.... 11 days, and I sat down a few days ago to gather my fabrics together.  The pattern we will be doing is Boston Logs, by Little Miss Sloppy. Love this pattern!  I was having a really hard time deciding what colors to use in my quilt.  I thought about doing something similar to the quilt on the pattern's photo - beige/cream and one other color.  But, what other color?  I was looking at all of my piles (and piles & piles & piles) of fabric and came across the stack of black/white/red fabrics.  That's when a lightbulb went off!  I decided on the following fabrics:  

Red, black and white!!!!  This is a color combination that I've been wanting to use for YEARS!  I imagine it won't be my only quilt with this combo, but I'm really excited to be starting my first on 2/21/2013.  

The top/left "musical notes" fabric is probably my favorite b/w/r, and I think I'm going to need to buy more of it because I just can't stop loving on it!  I'm not a musician, I don't sing (well, I DO, but I shouldn't...).  However, this fabric just really touches me.  It's like I don't WANT to use it, because then I won't have it for/in my stash anymore!  Am I the only one who ever has this problem?  

Another thing I'm doing here is mixing batiks with non-batiks.  So far, I think the fabrics are all going to work really well together!  

We will be taking the class at my favorite LQS - Fiddlesticks.  Love that store!  


Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

Picking out fabrics is my favorite part!

Jackie Campbell said...

Looks geat Brandy! I have got to finish picking my fabric and soin!