Monday, February 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Linking up with Judy L over at the Patchwork Times!

I'm thrilled to have a NEW project up on the design wall today!  I took a class on Saturday.  The pattern is "Crazy Cats" by the Buggy Barn, which is in the book "Undeniably Crazy."  I finished one entire cat, and the "bodies" of two others.  (the nose does show up better "in real life")

Yesterday afternoon, I finished the faces (whiskers included) of the other two cats and am happy to say that I remembered the proper technique!  Yes - I learned in class that reading directions really helps - a LOT!  :)

I really love these cats, and I love the Buggy Barn technique even more!  It would be similar to paper piecing (the final results, anyway), if I had to give an explanation.  However, there is no paper to sew through!  You do use wax paper to copy the master design, then iron that onto the top of a stack of fat quarters.  But, after that, no more paper.  PHEW, because I don't think I am particularly great at paper piecing.  I sew the "sections" nicely, but when it's time to sew the sections together, they come out warped.  Ok, not always, but sometimes.  In my opinion, "sometimes" is not OK.  So I've been avoiding that process altogether!  So, with this process, the block sections turn out "wonky," as you can see in the photo above.  Each time you sew on a new piece, you straighten ONLY the edge you're sewing.  So, when I go to add the kitty ears, the top of the faces will be straightened out.  Simple as that.  And when the entire block is complete, you then square it up to a certain size.  It's not really close, either - there is plenty to cut off & not much chance you'll mess it up!  

I would recommend this pattern to a very comfortable beginner or experienced quilter.  You'll have a lot of fun!

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ANudge said...

I love Buggy Barn patterns! I happen to have this one. Need to get it out and make a least one cat. Really like yours.