Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Begins Anew...

Ok, I'm starting to think I SUCK at blogging! Seems I get started, and then things start happening in my life, and blogging goes completely by the wayside. I'm excited that it is a new year and things have happened in my life to where there is more time to do things I enjoy, like spending time with my husband and our pets, spending time with friends and other family, reading, and.... SEWING!!! Ahhhh - I feel SO refreshed to be in my sewing room (which is CLEAN, by the way...). I'm happy. I'm invigorated! I'm renewed. I'm "myself" again, which is great after months and months of 50-55 hour work weeks! So, what am I working on? I've got not one, but TWO king-size bed quilts in the works. I completed 25% of one of them while waiting on some mailorder fabric to arrive for the 2nd one. Then, I started working on a "lap quilt" that had been started sometime early in 2012. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, and I think I will be finishing that quilt top before midnight! YAY. Here is a photo:
Ok, so you may think "that quilt makes NO sense at all!" Well... you're right! I think I will call it "The Crazy Non-Sensical Quilt" or something like that. I had purchased a bunch of fabrics for a "scrap" quilt, of sorts. Turns out it's way more scrappy than I can normally deal with (I don't normally "do" scrappy...), but I like each of the fabrics so much that I decided to stay outside my comfort zone and just "go with it." It's just a lap quilt for home use, for goodness sake. I'm not trying to impress anyone. It'll be warm & comfy just like any other quilt will be. Right? Ha! I will probably post another photo after it's quilted. There is at least one other quilt in line, at minimum, however, before I can throw this on the long arm. Give me a couple years... ;)

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