Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Wall Monday ~ February 6, 2012

So, with as many blocks as I have to make, I've come to realize that my "Design Wall Monday" posts may come to be a little boring after a couple weeks...

I decided to make this quilt to fit our king bed. Each block is 14" x 14" (unfinished, which means 13.5" finished) and the quilt with be 8 blocks x 8 blocks. The dimensions will 108" x 108". I was going to pay to have it quilted, since it won't fit on my longarm, but my friend said I could quilt it on her longarm. That'll be nice - we can spend some time together while the LA is running. Can't argue with that!

So, back to the design wall. First of all, it's only as wide as the photo you see here - about 56" wide, so I'm going to be laying this quilt out and putting it together in sections. The colors aren't great in this photo - they're vibrant green, orange, and pink. They're all from the same fabric line as the inside square, so they look really nice together. I don't think I've ever made a quilt using mainly 1 fabric line, so this is a new fabric experience for me. I like it so far.

I asked my DH (Dear Husband) today "do you care if we have a totally girly quilt on the bed?" I loved his response: "no. When I'm in bed, I'm sleeping. But I like quilts. They're comfy." He said a few other things I don't remember, but this was the best and most memorable part. I love the way DH responds to my quilts. I think he'd love it if I made more - if I was more productive than I have been in the past. He just genuinely loves being wrapped in a quilt! I LOVE THAT!

I tried using EQ6 to design this quilt and got nowhere. I need an EQ6 book or cheat sheet! It's not that the design was difficult - at all. But I would have liked to make it so that a similar block never touched. In this layout, there will be some same blocks kitty-corner from each other. I may try to figure that out before I go much further so that it looks more random.

That's it for now. I hope to add more blocks later today!

(Update: 1:27pm - it helps when you add the photo... LOL)

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Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

IDEA!!! In EQ7 they have a help section with videos and downloadable PDF files on some of the most basic stuff - I wonder if EQ6 has the same thing? It would be worth checking out.

Sorry I missed this post - I am now subscribed via email, so I will now get all of your posts in my inbox :)