Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Change of Blog Name

Well, I finally took the plunge! I was SO bored with my old blog name, "When Life Hands You Fabric... Make A Quilt!" I mean seriously - how totally cliche' and corny is THAT?!

My new name has much more meaning to me... Bella is the life of our household... She's a peppy Pomeranian. She's full of spunk & full of punk! I always loved the name, even before I chose it for our dog! Bea is a special nickname... I've wanted to create a new blog name for ages, but I couldn't come up with anything. I have been writing down names & titles for weeks, and nothing seemed right until I thought of Bella Bea.

I'll try this out for awhile & see how it goes. If it "feels" good, it'll stay! If not, I'm all about making the changes to create balance and flow in my life. If it doesn't flow, it'll go! Change is happening in my life and it's a good thing! :)

Please ~ Let me know what you think!


Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

I love it!

Lisa C said...

Well, I've never met you but I love your old blog name. I'm 50, does that matter? !

SueAnn W from Richmond said...

I 'm 61.......and can't read these words more times then not.

Love the name change I have a sweet senegal named Bella

NurseBrandy said...

SueAnn, You're a "no reply blogger," so I can't reply to you via e-mail... what do you mean by "and can't read these words more times then not?" If my font needs changing, I'd love to know! Thanks so much, ~B