Thursday, September 20, 2007

Most Recent Quilted Quilt!

I am so excited! Although I don't have the current photo of the "quilting," this is the latest quilt to be added to the "done when binding is completed" list. My husband just had a "significant" birthday and this, after MUCH thought, was what I decided to do as his main gift.

The funny (?) thing is that I started the top a few years ago. At that time, it was to be for THAT birthday, although I never told him that he was the intended recipient. So, what's a few extra years of sitting around incomplete? haha!
Anyway, I came across the longarm quilter when my best friend and I were shopping for our new uniform scrub pants for this school quarter. The quilter is next door to the Scrub Shop... Needless to say, I just HAD to go in! I inquired about my quilt, and returned with it in hand an hour later. The pattern we chose is a all-over "fall leaves" pattern and the thread is a "fall colors varigated" that compliments the quilt beautifully. I'll try to post a new photo soon.

I'm back to school next Monday, and the binding is yet to be completed..... I'm hoping to at least have the front sewn on so that I could tack down the back throughout the term. We shall see!


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bobbi said...

It is a beautiful quilt.... I mean "handsome"! hahaa!