Saturday, September 22, 2007

Half of the Seasons - Spring & Summer

OOPS - I think one of those is going to post sideways... Oh well! My glass is sooooo half-FULL! :-)

I made both of these while staying with Carol early in 2006 (3 weeks in February & March). They're just small "seasonal" quilts. I have the patterns to make one for Fall & Winter. Maybe I'll do those next year. Of course, neither of these are quilted yet. But the tops are done and I like them! Especially love the colors/fabrics for the "summer" quilt. It was so much fun because Carol "made" me "go shopping" in her stash! I did that for both of these.

I love making quilts of any size. But I especially love the feeling of "completing" a top. So, the little wall hangings are great - because they're fun to make and don't take so long. Being in nursing school, I don't have much time for sewing. Wall quilts are great during this time!

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