Monday, January 30, 2012

Manic Monday Linky Party with Sew Happy Geek

Ok, so I'm "linking up," for Sew Happy Geek's Manic Monday Linky Party but I can't post a photo of my newest finish on my blog until it's delivered to its' recipient in about 3 weeks... The photo is on my "link" though!

So, the quilt top shown is one made for a friend who was injured in an accident. Scrappy "Jake's Heart" blocks were collected, and I designed and pieced the quilt top from those blocks, adding a few of my own blocks as well. I just LOVE the way it turned out, and so far have received good reviews from a few others who have seen the photo. PHEW! I've been SUPER worried about whether people involved in this quilt would like it or not!

This post is going to be SO boring without a photo!! Please be patient ~ I already have a blog written that includes the photo, but it won't post for about 3 weeks... :)

Oh, and by the way... please feel free to follow me! I'm HOPING to do some more tutorials and possibly a few giveaways this year!! :)

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Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

I've seen the quilt top and it is gorgeous! Congratulations on the finish - can't wait to read that post!