Sunday, December 25, 2011

Buck-A-Block UFO finally started - Merry Christmas!

I went up to Seattle with David back in September sometime and, while he was in his meeting at work, I went to a store which is probably in my top three favorite quilt shops. It's called The Quilting Loft and it's located on NW Market Street in/near Ballard. The ladies in this store have always been really friendly, they have a great combo of modern fabrics and batiks (lots of batiks I've never seen before!), and a nice selection of books and patterns. I saw a quilt up on the wall advertising their new BOM which starts in January 2012, and I signed up! As I was talking to the lady about it, she showed me their current "buck-a-block" quilt, which was hanging in another location (right in front of me). Since they were willing to mail the small packets each month, I signed up. Who can resist a really pretty quilt when there is an option for batiks in some of my favorite colors (pomegranate & cream as the main colors)?! Since the program, which is sponsored by Thangles, started in August, I took home the first 2 month's blocks that day. Needless to say, I didn't get started on it right away - I was busy with work & school, and I didn't buy any Thangles. DUHHH! Oh - and yeah - my sewing room was needing some TLC.

Now that the room is clean again, I'm relieved of all duties associated with school, and I had The Quilting Loft mail a pack of Thangles to me last week, I decided to go up and get started. I didn't want to spend too long in there - just a little dabble to make me feel all warm and quilty inside. I believe it took a little over an hour, and here are the results from the August 2011 pack:

It turns out that each month makes two blocks, which I realized soon after I started the program. They are the same pattern but the colors are flipped, light/dark, for each block. Knowing how quick the little (8" unfinished) blocks go together, I can't wait to get back in there and do the remaining 4 sets of blocks!

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