Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 UFO List Comes to Fruition

It was really hard to come up with this list because I have quite a few things that just need the binding sewn down on the back, and tons of things I want to "start." However, many of the binding projects were on my 2011 list and are still not complete, so.... I'm going to refresh with new items. Hope it works!

It will be interesting to see how this goes, because I'm using the list for two groups. One way or another, I hope these things are crossed off by 12-31-2012!

2012 UFO Quilting/Sewing List

1. Christmas Wreath (Bittersweet book)
- not yet started

2. Autumn Wreath (Bittersweet book)
- started December 2011

3, Quilt & bind “Alaska” table topper
- top complete in June 2011

4. Fuse & applique the 2011 “Lollypop Trees” 18” blocks
- August/September blocks are fused. Oct/Nov/Dec not started

5. HOB quilt binding and label
- and deliver to recipient (mail?)

6. Finish “A Secret Garden” quilt top (Pat Sloan pattern)
- top was started in early 2010

7. Finish quilting "his" quilt and bind
- on quilting machine now (surprise quilt - can't name recipient)

8. Finish quilty-batik sweatshirt
- started in ’05 or ’06

9. Cut down border & add new binding on David’s blue/white quilt
- SIL made it for him many years ago and it’s falling apart from so much use!

10. Finish “Luminous Diamonds” quilt top
- started in Spring 2010

11. Finish turquoise/purple “birds” messenger bag
- started summer 2011

12. Quilt & bind "her" quilt
- quilt top is finished (surprise quilt - can't name recipient - this is connected with #7)

I'll try to come back and post photos of the UFO items at some point soon...


Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

Great list!!! Good luck :) I'm not even posting my UFO list - too embarassing!

Judy D in WA said...

Good list! I'll get mine posted soon. Good luck.