Monday, July 13, 2009

Newest Creation

I'm SO excited!! I went to Ikea on Sunday, July 5th, and then I went to Fabric Depot...
I went to Ikea because I remember seeing fabric there in the past and I wanted to check it out to see if it was quilt-worthy! Well, it seemed to either be too thin, or too thick. Not for quilting, but I could think of other things - like shopping bags or something! While at the counter, these 3 young ladies were also fabri-shopping and one of them had THE-CUTEST-PURSE! I asked her about it and it turned out to be a pattern by Amy Butler called the "Frenchy Purse." CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I figured that I'd NEVER remember the name of it. Oh well..... So anyway, I chose a few yards of fabric that I thought I may be able to find a use for at some point. Very cool. Very excited!

Next stop: Fabric Depot! Woo-Hoooo!!! I always manage to spend WAY too much time in this store, whether I'm actually buying stuff, or not! So anyway, I was nearly done when guess what I found..... Yep - you guessed it! The Amy Butler Frenchy Purse pattern!! Woo-HOOOOOOOOO! And guess what else..... the lady who rang me up gave me a 40% off coupon for it! WOWZERS! So, I was going to Seattle yesterday (Sunday the 12th) to futz around with my sister, and I decided that I wanted to make the purse - and I did! I finished it in like.... 6 hours! And it is CUTE and turned out GREAT! My sister even said it doesn't look home-made!

I feel really proud of myself. Not only for starting and finishing the project I set out to finish, but also for doing a good job while having to add linking, interfacing, and... magnets! haha!

There were 2 designs. One was a larger bag with a shoulder strap ("shoulder bag"), one was smaller with shorter straps ("handbag"). Of course, now I would like to make the smaller bag, but still with the longer straps, and maybe no interfacing - or a lighter weight interfacing, maybe. Not because I think this one is "wrong," but just to make it that much different.

Yippee!!! :~)

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