Saturday, December 27, 2008

Break Happens!

Well, I thought I'd be on break for a few days and then get to it. However, that's just not the way it's worked so far. However, the holiday is over and I feel like it's time to..... use some thread, baby!!

First up are my husbands.... house pants! haha! We've bought him 4 pair of "house/lounge" pants over the last few weeks and he HATES the "button fly!" So I promised to sew them all up. So that's the first chore.

Next up - HOB blocks for a very special quilt... HOB is "Home of the Brave" - a quilt is made for every Washingtonian who has died in the Iraq war. This particular quilt, I won't say who it's for until it's done, is late... It's been in the works for... well - too long! So I need to make some more blocks and get the top sewn up.

That's probably all I'll have time for over the break, especially considering that school starts back up 1 week from this Monday. Oh well. Too much has been happening over this break and there's nothing that could be done about it. There are definitely things that are much more important than sewing - like family!

Oh, and speaking of family... I have a male cousin who sent me a note about quilting today. He purchased a book in a thrift store ~ something to the effect of "quilting made easy," and it sounds like he's interested in learning how to make a quilt! I LOVE hearing about men who quilt, and I tend to really like the patterns and color combinations that men come up with. So I'll be digging out my first "learn to quilt" book and will recommend it to him. I'll be excited to hear if he picks up the hobby...


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Joan Heinrich Callaway said...

Hi, Brandy. It's Joan from FB. I just found your blog and started one myself a couple of days ago. I have to admit that I'm a very slow learner, so I was very impressed to see that you are smart enough to manage several!

And hurray for men who quilt. Definitely not enough of those!