Tuesday, February 17, 2015

UGH! Why, oh Why?

Nearly 2 YEARS since my last post?!  And I was SO sure I was going to become a model blogger at that time. I'm so bummed!

Remember that "On the Needles" post?  Well, yeah - still looks the same as it did in that photo. I HAVE done a few things since then, though. I'll have to (aka: I HOPE to) write a post solely about the things I've made since my last quilty post. Oh, sure!

Ok, so here is the deal - I'm going on a big trip to Sweden this year and I want to make sure I write about everything while I'm there. My hope is to put it all here!  Maybe if I start blogging again now, I'll be "in the groove" by the time the trip rolls around! 

Cheers to big goals!  

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